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Gundam Papercraft

Gundam Papercraft

I have found three robot papercrafts for you guys. Some of you may have seen these models already but hopefully, the newbies will like ’em. I’m talking about the 1:100 gundam MK 5 papercraft-(the blue robot), the Hazel gundam which is about 30 cm high when built and the wildgoat robot from the playstation game “Front Mission.” Check ’em out here. The files contain pdo files which can be opened by Pepakura Viewer.


Astroboy Papercraft

Astroboy Papercraft

Astroboy is the english title for the Japanese anime “Tetsuwan Atomu” which translates to “Mighty Atom” and literally to “Iron Arm Atom” that was first shown on Japanese TV from 1963 to 1966.

Here’s your chance to build this cool robot paper model. The astroboy papercraft has 2 pages of beautifully detailed parts wherein there are optional parts and 2 different face expressions. You can get the model here. The page is in Japanese┬áso just look for the “PDF file is here” to download the model.

Transformers Papercraft

Roboticon Papercraft

Destructobot Papercraft

I heard the Transformers movie rocks. I haven’t seen it yet but I plan to watch it next week. Meanwhile, I have uncovered two robot papercrafts that you might love to build. The transformers papercrafts. Well, not literally the autobot and decepticon from the movie but two adorable models called the roboticon and destrutobot. Ok, I take that back. The destructobot looks scary. You can get ’em here.

Gigantor Papercraft

Gigantor Papercraft

Gigantor (originally Tetsujin, literally “Iron Man #28”) was a manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama published in 1958 which was later made into several anime series, the first in 1963. It was the first “giant robot” series. A live action motion picture with heavy use of computer generated graphics was produced in Japan in 2005 based on the old comics as opposed to the newer version in “New Gigantor” which was translated into many languages including Arabic.

I have found a papercraft model from this site .You can also check the built model here. Enjoy!

GR 6 Anime Robot Papercraft

GR-6 Anime Papercraft

Giant Robo:The Day the Earth Stood Still is an anime series written and directed by Yazuhiro Imagawa(G Gundam & Seven of Seven) and inspired by Mitsuteru Yokohama’s manga series of the same name. To commemorate it’s 40th anniversary, the official site is offering a GR-6 robot papercraft for download.

Another SD Strike Freedom Gundam Papercraft

SD Freedom gundam Papercraft

Here’s another version of the SD Freedom Gundam which is much simpler that the one posted earlier because it doesn’t have a weapon and a shield. You can download the jpg and pdo files here. You can get the instructions by clicking the following links: head, chest, backpack, skirt, arms and legs. Enjoy!

Aibo Dog Robot and More

Aibo Papercraft

AIBO(Artificial Intelligence roBOt), the intelligent pet that first came out on 1999 was a hit among robot and pet lovers alike. However, on January 26, 2006, Sony announced that it would discontinue AIBO and several other products as of March, 2006. No worries though as you can still have an AIBO at home by creating them with paper. You can build two versions of AIBO together with two other robot papercrafts