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Tenchi Muyo Anime Papercraft

Anime Girl Papercraft

Tenchi Muyo is an anime, light novel, and manga series about a boy named Tenchi Masaki and the alien women who love him. I have seen this anime a couple of years back. I can’t remember the character’s name but this anime papercraft definitely looks good. The papermodel can be found here. Click on the picture and then look for the .lzh file. Happy building!


Yamato/Starblazer Anime Papercraft

Yamato Papercraft

The Space Battleship Yamato(Uchu Senkan Yamato) is a Japanese science fiction anime series that was shown between 1974 and 1981. Here’s your chance to build the gearing class destroyer papercaft from the anime series. The model is pretty small with only a page of parts. It also has a photobuild instructions. Line-up and get your model here.

Tsukina Anime Papercraft

Anime Papercraft

Here’s a very nice looking anime girl papercraft for you guys. There aren’t that many anime models out there so you are in luck:) You can get the model here.

Astroboy Papercraft

Astroboy Papercraft

Astroboy is the english title for the Japanese anime “Tetsuwan Atomu” which translates to “Mighty Atom” and literally to “Iron Arm Atom” that was first shown on Japanese TV from 1963 to 1966.

Here’s your chance to build this cool robot paper model. The astroboy papercraft has 2 pages of beautifully detailed parts wherein there are optional parts and 2 different face expressions. You can get the model here. The page is in Japanese so just look for the “PDF file is here” to download the model.

Gigantor Papercraft

Gigantor Papercraft

Gigantor (originally Tetsujin, literally “Iron Man #28”) was a manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama published in 1958 which was later made into several anime series, the first in 1963. It was the first “giant robot” series. A live action motion picture with heavy use of computer generated graphics was produced in Japan in 2005 based on the old comics as opposed to the newer version in “New Gigantor” which was translated into many languages including Arabic.

I have found a papercraft model from this site .You can also check the built model here. Enjoy!

Gigantor Statue

Gigantor Project

After suffering heavy damage in the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995, Kobe City’s Nagata Ward has managed to rebuild and recover quite well. To celebrate its revival, Nagata Ward has planning to erect a statue of one of Kobe’s local heroes, the anime robot Testujin 28 [Gigantor]. The statue will cost 135 million yen (about 1.1 million US dollars) to build, 45 million of which the city government has promised to provide. If completed the statue will rise to a height of 18 meters, which is about the same as a 5 story apartment building. Hmmm, can’t wait to see that. Check out their official site for more information.

GR 6 Anime Robot Papercraft

GR-6 Anime Papercraft

Giant Robo:The Day the Earth Stood Still is an anime series written and directed by Yazuhiro Imagawa(G Gundam & Seven of Seven) and inspired by Mitsuteru Yokohama’s manga series of the same name. To commemorate it’s 40th anniversary, the official site is offering a GR-6 robot papercraft for download.