I Love Gundam

EX-S Gundam Master Grade

I first knew about gundam 11 years ago when my mom bought a gift for my cousin’s birthday. I was 13 years old back then. If I remember it right, it was a $10 SD gundam model kit. Before they had it wrapped, I peeked inside and I was amazed of the quality and the number of parts. I always wanted to build my own toys.

A week later, we went back to the mall and started the hobby of collecting gundams. I bought about 9 SD gundams and 7 villain robots. Price ranged from 10-15 dollars. After about a year, I stopped collecting as I got busy with highschool.

After 3 years, I saw a 1/144 model kit of Turn-A gundam on sale for just $3.50 and again, my love for gundam models came back to life. I also bought a couple of 1/100 models. My dream is to buy a Master Grade model someday. Right now, I’m happy building papercraft models.

Gundam Shop is a site that I visit every once in a while. Checking all those models make me drool over them. My favorite is the MG(Master Grade) section. Check it out guys.


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