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GR 6 Anime Robot Papercraft

GR-6 Anime Papercraft

Giant Robo:The Day the Earth Stood Still is an anime series written and directed by Yazuhiro Imagawa(G Gundam & Seven of Seven) and inspired by Mitsuteru Yokohama’s manga series of the same name. To commemorate it’s 40th anniversary, the official site is offering a GR-6 robot papercraft for download.


I Love Gundam

EX-S Gundam Master Grade

I first knew about gundam 11 years ago when my mom bought a gift for my cousin’s birthday. I was 13 years old back then. If I remember it right, it was a $10 SD gundam model kit. Before they had it wrapped, I peeked inside and I was amazed of the quality and the number of parts. I always wanted to build my own toys.

A week later, we went back to the mall and started the hobby of collecting gundams. I bought about 9 SD gundams and 7 villain robots. Price ranged from 10-15 dollars. After about a year, I stopped collecting as I got busy with highschool.

After 3 years, I saw a 1/144 model kit of Turn-A gundam on sale for just $3.50 and again, my love for gundam models came back to life. I also bought a couple of 1/100 models. My dream is to buy a Master Grade model someday. Right now, I’m happy building papercraft models.

Gundam Shop is a site that I visit every once in a while. Checking all those models make me drool over them. My favorite is the MG(Master Grade) section. Check it out guys.

Another SD Strike Freedom Gundam Papercraft

SD Freedom gundam Papercraft

Here’s another version of the SD Freedom Gundam which is much simpler that the one posted earlier because it doesn’t have a weapon and a shield. You can download the jpg and pdo files here. You can get the instructions by clicking the following links: head, chest, backpack, skirt, arms and legs. Enjoy!

Aibo Dog Robot and More

Aibo Papercraft

AIBO(Artificial Intelligence roBOt), the intelligent pet that first came out on 1999 was a hit among robot and pet lovers alike. However, on January 26, 2006, Sony announced that it would discontinue AIBO and several other products as of March, 2006. No worries though as you can still have an AIBO at home by creating them with paper. You can build two versions of AIBO together with two other robot papercrafts

SD Strike Freedom Gundam Papercraft

Freedom Strike gundam Papercraft

This is one of the best looking Gundam papercrafts I’ve seen. You have to print out 15 pages of parts to build this cool model. Download the color-print zip for the colored parts here. As for the instructions, check out these pages:inst. 1, inst. 2, inst. 3, inst. 4, inst. 5 and inst. 6 Click on the link at the bottom of each post for the build photos to appear.

SD ZZ Gundam Papercraft

ZZ gundam Papercraft

Here’s the very good-looking sd gundam zz papercraft. This complicated model has some very small parts that might be too difficult for paper modeling beginners. You can download the 9 parts here. You can also search this blog for the instructions.

Robots Papercraft

Robots Papercraft

Remember the CG movie Robots? You can build and collect the five wonderful robot papercrafts. You can download them from Fox Japan’s website here. More papercraft models coming up. Enjoy!